Ennis Regional Medical Center Earns 4 Star Rating From CMS

January 18, 2018


Ennis, TX – Ennis Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce they have recently been awarded the 4 star rating by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS).  Previously, ERMC was a 3 star rated hospital, but because of continual improvements in quality and patient experience, ERMC is now ranked in the top 40% of all hospitals in the nation.

“We’re pleased with this new 4 star ranking for our facility,” said Bob Honeycutt, CEO of Ennis Regional Medical Center. “We’ve known our commitment to quality and compassionate patient care have improved over the last few years, but it’s certainly nice to have confirmation of our higher standard of care as measured by CMS.”

CMS is part of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).   Its mission is to strengthen and modernize America’s healthcare system, while providing quality care at lower costs.  It was established in 1977 and is based in Baltimore, Maryland.

Last year, CMS unveiled its new, expanded Star Ratings Program as part of its national push to increase healthcare transparency and help patients and their family members make informed decisions about their healthcare.  The Quality Star Ratings Program ranges from 1 – 5 stars, with 5 being the best possible rating.

The ratings CMS issues are based on several things: mortality outcomes, safety outcomes, readmission outcomes, patient experience, effectiveness of care, timeliness of care, and efficient use of medical imaging.  ERMC’s 4 star rating places them above average for the national standard of care.

“We are very proud of this achievement and attribute our success to our hospital-wide commitment to quality,” Honeycutt added.  “In recent years, we’ve launched a number of initiatives to improve quality including bedside shift reporting that includes the patient and their family members at shift changes, improving teamwork by creating moments that the healthcare team comes together frequently to review and assess the delivery of care, preventing readmissions, and proactively assessing processes and systems to prevent errors.”

Ennis Regional Medical Center will continue improving their efforts to enhance patient care so that the patient and their family can receive the best possible healthcare experience close to home.