Free Ennis ISD Sports Physicals

Every year, approximately 50 physicians, nurse practitioners, ERMC employees and Ennis ISD coaches come together to offer their time and expertise to provide FREE sports physicals to all Ennis Junior High and Senior High athletes. The physicals are divided into two nights - one night for the boy athletes; one night for the girl athletes. Eric Ryder, Ennis ISD Athletic Trainer, and Terri Barton, ERMC's Director of Strategic Marketing, manage the program. The key to this community outreach program are our physicians and mid-level providers. Without their concern for our community and our athlethes, this program would not be possible. ERMC employees and Ennis ISD coaches also devote time over the two-night program to make this event possible. 

For more information about this year's event, please check out the information below or call 1-855-875-ERMC (3762). GO LIONS!